Lil' Miss Smarty Pants was created to share activities (mostly crafts!!) you can do with your own kids or in a teaching setting...almost all of the activities use simple everyday items that are found in most homes with kiddos. We have spent a lot of time looking for fun activities that also have teaching/learning value, and several years trying them out with our preK class. Here are our favorites!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Octopus

The Octopus

Tell me, O Octopus, I begs
Is those things arms, or is they legs?
I marvel at thee, Octopus;
If I were thou, I'd call me Us. 

You'll want to have them color it first...practice using those muscles that hold a pencil!!

Then give them a small cup of fruit loops cereal.  They glue the cereal onto the legs of the octopus.

Don't forget to talk to them while they work about numbers (how many legs does an octopus have?), about the ocean, ocean life, and of course, the letter "O!"

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