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Friday, February 8, 2013

SUPER CUTE Valentine's Party Favors

Today our MDO class had their Valentine's Party.
Ms. Janette and I always like to send the kids home with a cute party favor that is cute enough to save.  This year we saw a cute hand print cutout on Pinterest from THIS blog, and decided that it would be perfect!

We traced some small hand prints onto pink paper and used our handy trick to cut out enough for all our kids.

We also cut out some hearts...cuz, you can never have too many hearts at Valentine's Day!!

SOOOO darn cute!!

We took a sweet picture of each of the kiddos and got them printed at the CVS right around the literally takes seconds at their photo kiosk.

We added a couple of hearts and laminated them...

...and gave them their picture card along with some kisses and bubbles, with this cute download that says "BLOWING you KISSES this Valentine's Day..." that we got HERE.  We think it turned out adorable!! 

Super cute and fun for the kids and one for the moms!!

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  1. Seriously LOVE that you are taking the time to do this. We have the best job everrrrrrrr.