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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

W is for...walrus, whiskers and watermelon

Today we did a cute "W" project that I think turned out pretty cute.

I love to incorporate the letter into the helps the kiddos to visually see what the letter looks like while they are actively learning what it sounds like.

For this project, you'll need brown, black, and white construction paper, as well as googly eyes and pipe cleaners (or fuzzy sticks...)

Cut the brown paper into a simple half oval with a flat bottom, the black into a "snout" and the white into a "W."  Cut the fuzzy sticks into the size you want to use for your whiskers.

The assembly is pretty simple and they all go home with a cute little walrus...with long whiskers!

We also did a fun worksheet..."W" is for watermelon.

Coloring is a great activity...teaches them how to properly hold a writing instrument, and helps strengthen those muscles.  It also helps them practice their small muscle coordination as they learn to color within the lines rather than just scribble.

And this worksheet also teaches them to follow directions.

The instructions at the top read:

The seeds had W's in them, the rind had G's and the rest had R's.

At the bottom we have some space for them to practice their handwriting.
They all did a great job!!  Fun worksheet to mix things up a bit.

XOXO,  Andrea

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  1. Those walruses are adorable! I'd love to have you link them up with our W Round up at