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Friday, October 26, 2012

More Monsters than you know what to do with...

Even more fun than toilet paper rolls is paper plates.
And, kids love masks....
and pretend.

So let's pretend we're monsters!

Ahead of time, you need to paint the bottom portion of the plate green.
Cut out construction paper shapes:  green triangle spikes, yellow round eyes, white oval mouth/teeth and red zigzags for the inside of the show their teeth!
First turn the paper plates right side up (so the green is on the table).  And glue the green triangles all around the edges for his spikes.  Then turn it over and glue on the eyes and mouth/teeth, and finish it off with some googly eyes in the center of the yellow.

When the glue dries, make sure they have some time to growl at  each other with their monster faces on!!

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