Lil' Miss Smarty Pants was created to share activities (mostly crafts!!) you can do with your own kids or in a teaching setting...almost all of the activities use simple everyday items that are found in most homes with kiddos. We have spent a lot of time looking for fun activities that also have teaching/learning value, and several years trying them out with our preK class. Here are our favorites!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Building a Snowman

What do you do in December when you live in Texas and the kiddos can only dream of having enough snow to build a big snowman?  Build a paper one!

We combined this with a little lesson on shapes and sizes (big, bigger, biggest).

You can use any color of construction paper for the background, except white...LOL!!  

Cut 3 white circles...three sizes for the snowballs.
Cut a black square for the hat.
Cut small squares for his buttons.
And a little orange triangle for his nose.

We told them to put the BIGGEST circle on the bottom, then the middle sized circle, then the smallest circle.

Next, the BIGGEST square is the hat...and the small squares are the buttons.

Finally, they glue on the triangle nose and the circle (googly) eyes.

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