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Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentine "Love Bug" and Yummy KISS cookie recipe

Today we started off the new week with a new letter...V...and it's even more fun that V is for Valentine.

In circle time this morning, while we were talking about the words that we know that start with "v..." violin, vest, van, vulture, vampire...when one of the kiddos came up with soap.  No, sorry bud, soap doesn't start with "V."  His response?  Yes, we have a bottle and it's a vampire and it's "hanitizer" soap.  Well, when you put it that way, who can argue??? is a step by step of today's Valentine, a LOVE BUG complete with a v-shaped mouth.

First, gather your red and pink construction paper, red or pink pipe cleaners, big googly eyes and glue.  We printed a handwriting practice sheet to glue it to that said "V is for Valentine."
Fold a few pieces of red paper in half, draw a half-heart on one side.

Use our awesome trick and staple around the edges so you can cut it out without slippage.

Do the same thing with the pink paper to cut out the "V" shapped mouths.

Now cut out small pink and red hearts, for the nose and the hearts at the end of the antenna.  

Assembly...glue on the large red heart, the mouth, nose and googly eyes, then the antenna and end with the hearts at the end of the antenna.

Pretty darn cute...and the kids loved them and were all so excited to give their moms a Valentine!

And as an added bonus?  It was baking day today, so we made peanut butter cookies and topped each one with a Kiss!

You can get the super yummy and easy peanut butter cookie recipe HERE on Janette's cooking blog.

Enjoy!!  :)

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