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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Hand skeletons

This project turned out so cute, we were super happy with it when we were done.

You know how sometimes you think something is going to go over really well, and when you do it with the kids, they just really have no interest in it?  Yeah, well this was definitely NOT one of those!

We were studying X...but I'm thinking this would also be fun to do as a Halloween project, or as a basic unit on bones.

The best part is that we all have black construction paper and q-tips in our house.  

Depending on the ages of the kids you are doing this with, you can either trace their hand on a black sheet of paper or let them do this step.  I'm thinking it could be fun to use a foot, or draw a basic outline of a body on a paper and do the foot bones or a whole body skeleton.

Then use glue to put the q-tips on to look like the bones.

It's not super anatomically correct ;), but IS super cute.

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