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Thursday, January 31, 2013

100 hearts in 15 minutes (or less!)

So have you ever needed a LOT of little shapes made out of construction paper?  It's so hard to cut multiple sheets at a time because the paper moves and you end up with a bunch of shapes that don't match and look bad.

And if you have a Cricket, it's hard to find the right sized shape, and let's be's kind of a pain to cut out a bunch of little things on the Cricket.

This is how Ms. Janette and I do it:

Start with a stack of construction paper (7-9 pieces). 

On the top sheet, trace your shape.  We use cookie cutters!!

Now, generously staple between the hearts.  Yep, that's the trick.

And now you've got a bunch of perfect sized hearts...just in time for all those Valentine's projects!!

Try it with other shapes, too!!

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