Lil' Miss Smarty Pants was created to share activities (mostly crafts!!) you can do with your own kids or in a teaching setting...almost all of the activities use simple everyday items that are found in most homes with kiddos. We have spent a lot of time looking for fun activities that also have teaching/learning value, and several years trying them out with our preK class. Here are our favorites!!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ladybug, Ladybug, fly away home...

I couldn't love this craft anymore than I do!  :)  
This week we have been doing the letter L.

So, circle time is my favorite...we spend a few minutes a day in a circle and talk about different things.  L is a funny one for them to sound out, and when we ask what starts with "L," we get "elbow" and "elephant..."  Poor kiddos and the English language.

So here is your supply list:

Cut black paper into big round circles, red paper into a smaller round circle, then cut it in half, cut black paper into head sized round circles, and more black paper into dots for her wings.  And top it off with googly eyes.  We loved the bigger ones on this bug...

We printed out a handwriting sheet to glue it on to.


Yeah, we love it, too!

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